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the 9th annual

Henna Gathering

March 27-29, 2015
at the Sheraton Hotel at Hartford Connecticut's Bradley International Airport

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Henna Gathering email list:

Henna Gathering email list

Contact Heather with any questions:

Henna Gathering 2015
March 27-29
at the Sheraton at Bradley International Airport (Hartford / Windsor Locks)

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Confirmed Instructors:

Tammi Glanzer-Boudreau - Bee Elements, LullaBee Baby Bellies, Bee Fast & Fancy

Jody Rogers - So You've Got Your First Henna Gig..., Creating Texture in Henna

Penni AlZayer - Bringing the Bling: Glitter, Mica, and Gems & Finding Your Groove
(Who are you as an artist, and how do you market that?)

Jamilah Zebarth - Henna Zentangle, Fabulous Flowers

Heather Caunt-Nulton - Henna Business Basics, Mixology,  Cone Rolling with Sejal & Bridal Fills

Holly Ferreira - Bellydancing & more dance goodness

Sejal Shah - Floral, Cone Rolling with Heather & Indian Bands

Wendy Harris - Henna Crowns, Steampunk Elements

Victoria Welch - Khaleeji Elements, From Inspiration to Realization, Modern Mehndi

Ravie Kattaura - Elements of Design and Sangeet Strips

Lori Bessette - Enchanting Symbology, Jacobean and Festival Henna Fun


Small group classes - personal attention with your instructors:
Hands-on Practice
Cone Rolling
Group Critique

& more TBA
(by Nov 15, we expect to have almost everything sorted out and listed here!)

additional awesomeness :
Massages by Monica Vanasse, LMT
Professional Photography by Danny Roberts

Register for the Henna Gathering

Registration covers your attendance at all Conference Classes
and use of conference common areas (particularly the lounge and photo areas)

Conference registration: $240

Earlybirds: before Dec 22: $225

To Register: Add the conference registration as an item to your shopping cart at ArtisticAdornment.com
please email Connie or call 617-429-6301 if you have problems registering

Registration will be limited to 100 attendees this year, to keep the Henna Gathering intimate.


the 9th annual Henna Gathering will be at the
Sheraton Hotel
at Hartford, CT's Bradley International Airport

henna conference map

We have made very special arrangements for you with the hotel!

The room & board cost is $202.12 per person for a posh double occupancy room
($326.25 for a single occupancy room)
for Friday and Saturday Nights

Included in this rate are the following meals:
Friday: lunch & dinner
Saturday: lunch & dinner
Sunday: lunch

Add additional nights to your stay (to arrive early on Thursday or leave late on Monday) for $101 per room ($50.50 per person in a shared room)

Breakfast is available each day at the on-site Starbucks and also at the on-site hotel restaurant.
And throughout the airport, too (yes, there is a Cinnabon).

Parking is FREE for all people who have purchased the room & board package

You will be sent a ROOM & BOARD RESERVATION FORM once we receive your conference registration.
Using this form ensures that you're given our awesome discounted group rate.
We will email this to you directly once you've registered.
We cannot post it publicly online, because only registered attendees and their accompanying friends/family are being offered this excellent rate.
Our contact at the Sheraton is Peg Contois; if you have questions for her, you can reach her at 860-386-7846 or pcontois@sheratonbradley.com .

It will be optimal for you to know who your roommate will be in advance of filling out the form to reserve your room, so that you can make the reservation in both of your names and provide both of your billing information so the bill can be split.
If you prefer to book the room for two and collect payment from your roommate directly later, that is also fine, but it gets more complicated than it has to be that way..

Please be sure to add yourself to the Henna Gathering roommate/rideshare list, the reason our facebook group was created, to find a roommate.


The Sheraton Bradley International Airport Hotel is *in* the airport itself.
Get off the plane, and ta-da, you're there!
Airport code = BDL

If you're driving, just mention that you're with the Henna Gathering and your parking in the hotel garage is free!
Be sure to get your parking validated at the front desk on your way out.

Address: 1 Bradely International Airport, Windsor Locks, CT 06096
alternate address for airport vicinity: 11 Schoephoester Road, Windsor Locks, CT 06096

We'll have unlimited free henna paste and lemon sugar sealant available for the duration of the conference.
Everyone will also get their own glitter, gilding gel, and other goodies for use throughout the conference.

All henna supplies at the Henna Gathering are provided courtesy of our sponsor, Artistic Adornment

If you would like supplies to take home, you can submit an order for in-person pickup.
Just enter coupon code HG2015 at checkout so you are not charged for shipping.

Your HG 2015 crew:
Founder: Heather Caunt-Nulton
Co-organizers: Jamilah Zebarth & Heather Caunt-Nulton
Floor Manager Goddess: Donna Lyons
Registration Chair: Connie Caunt (aka Mom)
In-House Engineer: Dave Caunt (aka Dad)
Enforcer & Technology Chair: Peter Nulton
Help Desk Staff: Holly Ferreira, Judy Johnson

Class Descriptions
(listed here in the order in which they were received at HG HQ :) )

MANY Instructors:

Hands-on Practice:
Sit in small groups with instructors who will demo any elements you'd like. Try them for yourself, and get immediate feedback and tips.

Show photos of past work or bring a model wearing your work to get tips and pointers from your instructors! Small groups of 5-10.

Jody Rogers

So You Have Your First Henna Gig...

Be prepared for when that first group asks you to raise money for a charity you would love to donate to, or someone who learns you're doing some henna just *insists* that you *must* do henna at their party. We'll discuss  pricing, designs, getting organized, what to expect at a party, contracts, etc. This class is perfect for mid-level artists who feel *almost* ready to start charging for their work. In addition to lecture, there will be a bit of hands-on henna time.

Creating Texture in Henna
This hands-on class goes over two-toning, shading, fillers, and other ways to create depth and texture in henna design. Pefect for if your designs are feeling flat or stagnant, or you just want a new way to add interest!

Wendy Harris

Steampunk Elements
In this class you will take a step back in time and learn about the growing trend of Steampunk and how to incorporate those ideas into your henna designs. You will learn how to pull inspiration from nineteenth century devices, Steampunk fashion, antiques, and even vintage jewelry. You will discover the captivating and dynamic world of this emerging genre through the creative vision of henna artist

Henna Crowns
As chemo patients experience hair loss during their fight against cancer, they feel that they need to hide from society and feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Some disguise their condition by wearing wigs and others just stop socializing altogether. In this class you will hear Wendy's journeyworking with cancer patients and how to transform their bald heads into a beautiful work of art using all-natural henna body art.

Victoria Welch

From Inspiration to Realization
This workshop is a collaborative, interactive class. I will take the students step by step through the process of creating a design based on a non henna element. This class will give each student immediate take away skills they can put into use with designing their own unique motifs and designs

Modern Mehndi
Learn Victoria’s perspective on the North American floral fusion style. We will explore Victoria’s methods of building these types of designs. A hands on section will provide the attendees instruction on the creation of particular elements and how to bring some variety to their pieces.

Khaleeji Elements
Discover how to create authentic, old-school style Khaleeji elements and motifs. Explore the differing layouts that help make this style unique and relevant. Walk through a step by step collaborative design construction and elements breakdown.

Heather Caunt-Nulton

All you wanted to learn about mixing henna - from dye release times, to different liquids, to different essential oils, and more. Whether you haven't yet mixed your first batch of henna, or you've been wondering how to experiment with different brands/recipes/etc successfully, or you need some help with troubleshooting your mix in general, you'll learn it in this class!

Business Stuff You Need to Know
Insurance, permits, taxes, and all that other good stuff. What do you need to make sure you know if you're ready to start your henna business, or make it more legit?

Stuff Heather Isn't Formally Teaching Since She'll be Busy Running a Conference and Doesn't Want To Make Herself Insane, But Is Happy to Show You by Demoing on Someone's Hand (yes, hand! not feet...haha...):
Bold / modern spins on Indian motifs (ie that archy flower thing that was blowing up on Pinterest for quite some time) <---- this is H's favorite/default style...please pick it? :)
Dushanbe style (inspired by the Dushanbe Tea House and the art of Tajikistan, with a variety of influences ranging from Turkic to Persian to Russian)
Moroccan Fusion
Mauritanian style done freehand sans tape resist ("Moroccan style", as they say there)
....and anything else you'd like.

Heather & Sejal

Hands-on Cone Rolling Workshop
You will leave this workshop knowing how to roll cones. You'll want to practice to get them perfect...but you will definitely have the knowledge about what to consider and what to work on. We'll show you a bunch of different methods so that you can see which one "clicks" for you!

Lori Bessette

Enchanting Symbology
Learn to use both traditional and non-traditional symbols in your henna design that motivate and inspire the wearer. We will cover the reasons some design elements are used extensively (like paisleys!) and how you can add a personal touch to any henna design by learning the meaning of certain flowers,animals,and objects.

Festival Henna Fun!
Ways to add – and change-up – your festival books to keep people from reaching for their phones! Covering kawaii,creepy,ultra-fem,and weird! We will play with new template ideas and discover sources for *your* unique festival book. This is not covering the newer class on jacobean floral

Jacobean Henna:
A 16th century source of inspiration for artists wanting more fantasy in their floral designs. By the end of the class you will recognize this genre in everything like fabrics and home decor,and be creating your own unique jacobean henna designs.

Jamilah Zebarth

HennaTangle -In this class I will show you some Zentangle patterns that work well in henna.  We'll go step by step and talk about how to incorporate some tangles into your existing designs.

Fabulous Florals - In this class I will go show you how to create some beautiful flowers.  We will cover shading, petal fills and leaves!

Pay Classes

Advanced Henna Business Stuff - Website Building, Marketing, Working with Others (small business partnerships, subcontractors), etc - Thursday night (for people arriving early! plan travel accordingly!), 2 hours, time TBA - $100


Design Mapping - Friday after dinner - $50
Decoding the Strip - Saturday, time TBA - $50

Danny Roberts
Henna Photography -
Saturday night $50

Jamilah and 'Z'
Intro to Zentangle - Friday after dinner - $50 including supplies.


2015 Henna Gathering Schedule

Exact details subject to change, but this should help you plan arrival, departure, etc.
We recommend adding an extra day or two to your stay, if you're able, to fully take advantage of all we have to offer!
(Arriving on Friday means being sleeeeeepy for or missing some Friday classes.... leaving on Sunday means leaving VERY tired and missing the post-conference fun and silliness and ordered-in Indian food that ends to ensue....)

pre-conference pay classes for early arrivals


Registration desk opens 9am
Conference Classes 10am-1pm
Meet & Greet Luncheon 1-2pm
Conference Classes 2-7pm
Dinner 7-8pm

small group classes available with instructors after dinner, $50-100 for most 1-2 hour classes
get more hands-on, personalized attention with world-reknown artists!
a favorite part of the conference for those who participate


Conference Classes 9am-12pm
Lunch 12:15-1:30pm
1:30pm - GROUP PHOTO - Be there!!
We'll head to the photo location together from lunch.

Conference Classes 2-6pm
Dinner 6-7:30pm
pay classes........or dancing?? both? we haven't yet decided.


Conference Classes 10am-1pm
Lunch 1-2pm
Conference Classes 2-6pm

small group classes 7-10pm



Will there be classes for my level of experience?
We will offer all levels of classes, from beginner classes for those just starting out, to master classes for the experienced professional, and everything in between. Multiple classes will be running at the same time, so you can choose the class best suited to your needs. Also, many classes that you might think are "advanced" are extremely helpful to beginners, and you'll learn lots! Don't shy away from any class you want to take because you're unsure if it's the right level.

What should I bring?
Beyond normal traveling stuff, you might want a pencil, your favorite drawing pen, and a camera.
You might also want to think carefully about what clothes you wear to enable maximum henna-getting and make yourself a desirable portfolio photo model (rich/colorful/interesting fabrics, no busy prints).

What supplies will you guys be providing?
Endless henna cones and lemon sugar sealant, glitters and gilding gels, notebooks, pens, tape, scissors

What about supplies to take home?
You can order supplies to take home from our sponsor, Artistic Adornment, using coupon code HG2015 to indicate that you'll be picking the supplies up in person at the conference. Pre-order what you know you'll want for sure, as some things do sell out during this busy weekend!

Is the Henna Gathering not-for-profit?
Absolutely! The Henna Gathering has been not-for-profit since its inception. All the time and hard work that goes into organizing the conference is donated by the organizers, and all registration fees go only towards conference expenses.

I hear there's a pool!
Heck yes, there is a pool. Bring your bathing suit, enjoy early on in the conference, and remember that Chlorine Kills Henna.

Can I bring my significant other or parent?
Absolutely! If they would like to attend any classes or hang out with us in the lounge where everyone hangs out and does henna, they will need to pay the registration fee. If they don't want to attend classes or hang out where henna is happening, they are still welcomed to take advantage of the conference's discounted room and board rate and join us for meals

Can I bring my kid?
The short version: Yes! If you want them there and they're well behaved and attended to, we're happy to have your child join us.

The long version, because, you know, some stuff has come up in the past:
You can bring your child if you absolutely 100% of the time keep them in your sight and listening to you at all times, since they are your responsibility. If you think this is too much work or responsibility when you're at a henna conference to learn and have fun (we'd agree!), consider bringing a helper along to watch your little one(s), or maybe even deciding this is the perfect weekend for a mini vacation at grandma and grandpa's house.

If your child is distracting or unattended, we'll ask you to take them somewhere else, and you'll miss out on the good times and learning.
Kids under 12 are free. Kids 13+ pay normal registration.
We figure that if your teenager actually wants to join you for this, they're probably actually interested and going to really get something out of coming...whereas younger kids are more likely to have no choice, and might have to come with you because you are their primary caregiver.
Also, note that kids under 12 who haven't paid for registration will be asked to sit in the back of the room on the floor, not at an actual seat or at a table, in any full classes. If it's important to you that this not happen to your kid, you are welcomed to get them a paid registration and the right to sit wherever they want.

How can I find a roommate to share a room with?
We created the Henna Gathering facebook group specifically for the purpose of making a user-editable list so people can find each other for roommate and ride shares! Check the Files section in the group for the list.

I have other questions about hotel-specific stuff!
For other questions about the hotel contact Peg Contois directly at pcontois@sheratonbradley.com or 860-386-7846

What's the food situation? I have special dietary needs.
We've worked extra hard with the hotel staff to bring you a menu that is healthy and has options for all.
Don't worry - if you're eating vegetarian or halal or don't eat beef, we've got you covered.
There will be (protein-rich!) vegetarian options at all meals, and sometimes fish.
The vast majority of vegetarian foods will be vegan as well, for simplicity's sake, but if you're vegan, read on.

Vegan and gluten free meals are readily available, but you MUST contact Peg at the Sheraton in advance by noting this requirement on your booking form, as they take these needs very seriously and will take particular care to serve them.
pcontois@sheratonbradley.com or 860-386-7846
We also will have a stash of a variety of vegan, gluten free snacks available for those who ask the helper on staff.
(One of our staff members has Celiac's disease, so we know how awkward and uncertain it can be to travel when you've got special dietary needs.)

Attendees last year noted how healthy everything was. Most really appreciated this.
If you need to bring your own secret stash of cookies (or a not-so-secret bunch to generously share in the common areas or at your 10-12 person table at meals), or any other comfort food that makes you happy, that's cool :)

Photos Past Henna Gatherings are on our facebook page.
On social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc) use
#HennaGathering and #HennaGathering2015
to tag your photos so other attendees can find them!


Henna Gathering Flickr Group Photo Pool
view each others' photos and download the professional photos of your work for your portfolio


henna gathering logo

Highlights from past Henna Gatherings:
(subscribe to our YouTube channel for more as they come!)

Henna Gathering Flickr Group Photo Pool
view each others' photos and download the professional photos of your work for your portfolio

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